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Inspired by You!!! From the Groom!

Thanks Todd for the inspiration!

We hope we exceeded your expectations with our definition of a

Chicago Style mini Hotdog!

Photography by Jim Schaal


NOW SERVING at your next party!!!


All Meat Paella

prepared with rice, boneless organic chicken, Spanish chorizo, pork sausage and vegetables (green and red roasted peppers, green beans, sweet peas, garlic, onion, Spanish saffron and spices.

Other options available: Vegetarian, Chicken and Vegetable, Chicken and Seafood

and All Seafood Paella

Photography by Jim Schaal

Holiday Smores

Graham cracker, white chocolate ice cream, chocolate ganache, caramelized brown sugar, and a dash of cinnamon

 topped with a torched marshmallow and Hershey’s bar

 Fireplace and blanket optional!

Photography by Jim Schaal

Fried Summer Tomato Napoleon

A Little Southern Cuisine 

One of our newest lunch additions: Fried Summer Tomato Napoleons with Cajun Basil Shrimp, Sopressata, and Orange-Sage Vinaigrette

Photography by Jim Schaal