Friday Night Rehearsal Dinner at the O Winston Link Museum

How much fun was that!!!!!

Can it be done? Yes it can and it was!!

I wish I could take credit for the whole thing, but unfortunately I can’t! Kudos out to our staff for a job very well done!!!! Folks, this was no easy task, but believe it or not we transformed the lobby from an empty space to this!! All in one hour, yes I said ONE HOUR, along with a complete kitchen to boot!! A big THANK YOU to Joe and Elizabeth, proud parents and hosts of this event for believing in us. We wish them, the bride and groom an eternity of happiness!

Photography by Jim Schaal


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  1. Posted by Joe and Elizabeth on September 24, 2011 at 4:53 pm

    Schaal’s catering must be praised for taking an empty lobby and transforming it into an inviting space. Our guest hailed from all places far from Roanoke. We wanted a venue and menu that reflected Roanoke’s hertiage, the railroad and city sophisication. Our guests not only enjoyed being able to browse the museum with a cocktail but were appreciative of the short walk to the hotel. The food was excellent; the timed schedule flexiable. Most of all, the young couple enjoyed entertaining their guests and launching the festivities with a flare of city life to contrast their southern country wedding. Kudos to Jim,Amanda and staff!


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