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Wish Lanterns

Biodegradable Wishes

Have you ever wished upon a shooting star? Now, you can arrange to have one at your wedding. Well, almost. Imagine your wedding evening. Just before you are about to hit the dance floor or cut your wedding cake, wouldn’t it be nice to involve your guests in a fun activity beforehand? If you answered yes, then Wish Lanterns are your answer.

These beautiful floating lanterns light up the night sky, and really make for a cool experience. This ancestral, Thai tradition involves you and your wedding guests each making a wish. Then you light lantern, hold it up and wait for it float out of your hands into the night sky. As legend would have it, the higher your lantern floats the more chance your wish has of coming true.

Available in several colors, these wish lanterns are such a great, low-cost idea to provide a nice element of participation by all of your guests. As a tip, the white lanterns stand out best against the night sky. Additionally, you don’t have to worry about any adverse environmental impact because the lanterns are made from a bamboo structure and covered in rice paper, which makes them fully biodegradable.

Wouldn’t it be nice to leave your guests with stars in their eyes? Try it and let us know. Check out the videos! You will be BLOWN AWAY!!

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